The intervention of the Balearic Legionary Air Force in the Spanish Civil War

Franco's armed insurrection took place and succeeded thanks to the material and ideological support of Italy and Germany. What happened in Spain continued to have repercussions on the European geopolitical chessboard in the years that followed. Hence the interest in delving deeper into the role played by these countries in the civil war.

In this study we will focus on the strategic bombing of the Republican rearguard by the Aviazione Legionaria delle Baleari, paying particular attention to the escalation of terror that targeted Barcelona. Abundant graphic documentation, which gives an account of the number, location, use of bombs and their effects on the ground, supports - together with other primary evidence - our analysis.

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Daniela Aronica
Daniela Aronica

A journalist, editor and teacher at the University of Barcelona, she works as a cultural project manager in Spain. She has founded and directs the “Centro di Studi sul Cinema Italiano” in Barcelona and is editor and director of the “Quaderni del CSCI”, an annual magazine of Italian cinema. She has organized and curated many events, the last of which is “Images for Memory. Fascist Iconography and the Spanish Civil War (2016-2019)”. Among his publications, “Italian Neo-realism” (2004), “Pedro Almodóvar” (2007), “The Spanish Civil War in Fascist Propaganda. Noticiarios y documentales italianos (1936-1943)” (Premi Centre d’Investigacions Film-Història 2017) and the coordination of “Mussolini alla Guerra di Spagna: uomini, mezzi, propaganda” (2018). In 2006 she was awarded the Onorificenza al Merito della Repubblica Italiana with the grade of “Cavaliere”.