Stuka Experiment

It tells the story of a citizen who, tired of waiting for answers, decides to answer all the questions himself. It is a social film that does not pose a historiographical debate, but it does talk about history. Precisely about a very singular reality, the reasons why History is disconnected from its own protagonists: silence, fear, ideologisation... In addition to documenting a little-studied event in the history of European warfare, 'Stuka Experiment' also deals with the psychological background to any war: tiny, random, unconscious, cruel or cowardly decisions that unleash tragedies that add up to the infinite count of human stupidity. The moment the 66 photographs in the Freiburg Militärarchiv folder reach us, we understand that these abstract images of the province of Castellón conceal a universal reality and are a powerful document for telling a story that was crying out to be told. The whole story is built on them. Put in context, they are evidence that those were not just any bombings, but bombings with a scientific and experimental purpose.

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Rafa Molés
Rafa Molés

Director, Scriptwriter and Journalist. Graduate in Information Sciences, with 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector. In 2012 he received the award "Journalist of the year" in the III Edition of the Journalism Awards of the Valencian Community. Professor of the Department of Communication Sciences at the University Jaume I of Castellón until 2017.
Creator, together with Pepe Andreu, of the audiovisual production company SUICAfilms, where they direct and produce all their projects. He has been recognised twice as Best Producer of the Year at the PROA Awards.

Pepe Andreu
Pepe Andreu

Director, Scriptwriter and Producer. Graduate in Information Sciences (Image and Sound). For 16 years he worked as a producer for Televisión Valenciana-Canal 9 in news and reports programmes. He was Head of Unit of the Promotions Department (2007/09).
In 2013, together with Rafa Molés, he created the production company SUICAfilms where they combine their passion for the documentary format, for its expressive possibilities and its social influence. At SUICAfilms they direct all their projects and participate in the production of other works.