Gernika, City of Peace. Art and memory for a pedagogy of peace

Gernika Gogoratuz (Remembering Gernika), is a Peace Research Centre created in 1987, within the framework of the 50th Anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika. It works in the field of memory and the culture of peace. The Centre develops research, training and dissemination processes to contribute to the strengthening of the symbol of Gernika, declared by UNESCO, City of Peace for the European region (2002-2003) and to continue with the study of its symbolic representations as a pedagogical contribution to the culture of peace. Its aim is to reflect on war and peace, based on the historical memory of the bombing of Gernika and to deepen democratic coexistence from a human rights approach.

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María Oianguren Idigoras
María Oianguren Idigoras

She is the director of "Gernika Gogoratuz" Peace Research Centre. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association for Peace Research (AIPAZ), of Eurobasque. Basque Council of the European Movement and of the Cooperation Council of the Board of Trustees of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. She has been president of the Forum of Human Rights and Peace Education Associations (2007-2011) and president of the Advisory Council of the Coexistence and Human Rights Plan of the Basque Government (2018-2020).  Master's Degree in Ethics for Social Construction, University of Deusto, 2019-2020. Degree in Philosophy and Educational Sciences from the EHU/UPV, 1989.